Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Beginning

We've been talking about this for a while, but for some reason yesterday we both decided we were ready. The conversation, over gchat, went like this:

me: so I think I'm ready to move west.
Hubby: where? I can look for jobs. just tell me what state.

And, after a bit of talking, asking for advice, and using these three sites, we've narrowed it down to two states (though we're still open to advice!): Wyoming and Texas. Cheyenne and San Antonio, specifically.

San Antonio would be easier -- the hubby could transfer from his current job here and stay on the same project at their offices there. It could be a matter of months.

But I think we both are leaning towards Wyoming -- even though it would take at least a year. The openness and the prospect of truly being left alone. No HOAs or traffic jams! The prospect makes me smile.

So we shall see how this happens. Perhaps San Antonio will be a gateway to Wyoming. Perhaps we'll tough it out and go for what we really want. Who knows, we may even do something crazy like move to Alaska (don't worry, Mom, I don't want to move to Alaska).

I'll be updating this blog with posts about our decision, progress on updating the house and attempting to sell (or rent) in this wonderful housing market (yay. not.), and, of course, posting pictures of our adorable baby girl. And obviously I'll have to rant about tyranny and how I can't wait to get the hell out of metro DC and all the stupid that happens here.

So -- San Antonio or Cheyenne? Or somewhere else?


  1. I can't wait to see what you decide! I don't have recommendations of places that are measurably better then here you are looking. I could help you identify places that are worse- but that's easy.

    I'm curious as to why gun law is a factor. Do you guys own guns, or is an abstract concern? For me, I idealistically want t own guns, but practically I don't actually care about having a gun, so Iowa could just ban guns period and it would have no impact on my actual happiness, despite the fact that I would complain loudly about terrible legislation.

    Since the idea of killing an intruder with a kitchen knife appeals to me far more than shooting him with a gun, that may put me in a unique minority on this issue,, but I'm still curious as to your thoughts.

  2. I think San Antonio sounds hot and Wyoming sounds much cooler... lol but either way, can i come visit you??? My prayers and support are with you on this journey -- unfortunately, for the present state of existence i occupy, options of where my stuff sits are not mine

  3. JB, we do own a few guns actually, so that was a big deal to us. Also, states with more tyrannical governments tend to do things that are more likely to piss off their citizenry, and thus fear said citizenry enough to restrict their ability to retaliate against said state. I prefer my government on the low end of the tyranny scale. It's generally a good measure of how much they intrude on daily life with stupid laws.

    One of the reasons we're moving is that we both, in general, prefer to be left alone, so that would involve living in a very rural environment. That means, naturally, that cops aren't just going to be driving down the road if someone tries to break in. Home defense tends to become more important in these situations. Also mountain lions and other large predatory animals are a greater threat in more rural areas.

    Brittany, of course you can! Thanks for the prayers. :)

  4. You're going to want something in the shotgun family to address both of those concerns. :)

  5. I have to give you credit! Moving is very couragaous!!! Best of luck and I'm interested to see what you guys decide.

  6. yeah i see a lot of mountain lions around these rural parts... lol... actually... snakes are a big thing... and deer.... and other woodland creatures that have yet to show their faces but rustle in the grass....

  7. Brit, it's a good thing you're soooo hilarrrriousss.

    Krista, thank you!