Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To-do and Cheerios

As I type, this is the scene before me. Though few to no Cheerios are actually making it to her mouth, I am thoroughly enjoying watching this. Better than any TV show. Yes, even better than RHNJ.

So besides deciding where we'd like to move -- more and more it looks like it might be San Antonio for at least a little while -- we've also been compiling lists of things we need to do before we can put the house up for sale or rent.

This is going to take a lot of work.

Off the top of our heads, to either rent or sell, we have a bathroom that needs to be re-tiled, the entire house needs a coat of paint and we'll probably need to replace most of the carpet -- this is probably just the tip of the iceberg if we plan to sell.

Saddest of all is that after we shell out a good chunk of change to do all of these improvements, we'll probably still just break even from our original purchase price -- and this was . Though I know there are people out there that are way worse off than we are, it's still frustrating.

All in all, we're probably going to need to save up at least $5000 in order to make these improvements and head out west.

This leads me to the introduction of a few other topics this blog will cover: couponing and other money-saving insanity (like how I drive the Hubby crazy every Sunday at CVS), home improvement, and, though I guess I didn't bother with a segue for this one, food.

Food, because I like to cook. A lot. And my cooking means we're not going out. And us not going out means saving money for important things -- like fixing up our house. And moving.

Yay moving.


  1. I hope you are familiar with Alton Brown's show 'good Eats'. If not, familiarize yourself with it. It has done more for Christy and i's cooking prowess than any other single thing. I made homemade mayonnaise on Monday. It's fantastic. It's an EMULSION for crying out loud! It's amazing how many things you can buy that are really, just ingredients and know how. It's a fun thing to learn how to rely more on basic level food than prepackaged stuff.

    The only word here the spell checker didn't like is 'Christy'. How amazing.

  2. I saw that episode the other night -- if I knew I could use that much mayonnaise before it went bad I would totally make some. It really is more fun to make it yourself -- and so much cheaper!

    We like Christy, though, so it's okay. I added her to my dictionary.

  3. Let's have a conversation about how stinking cute Cath is. She's so focused.

    Sorry, the rest of this stuff is ALSO interesting. But really! Look at that face!